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Having another day to spend in Singapore made me had a chance to visited some places on my bucket list. Well, I had a lot on my list but this time I just wanted to relax and enjoyed my day so I set my priorities.

First, I went to the Art Science Museum. They had two exhibitions, which were Future World and Human+. They also had “Into the Wild”, which was a permanent development and for free. The entrance fee for one exhibition was $17. I decided to see the Future World Exhibition, which as a tag line “Where Art Meets Science”.

Future World was organised into 4 themes : Nature, Town, Park, and Space, each of which used cutting-edge science and technology to create constantly evolving environments, which visitors of all ages were invited to enter and explore.

In Nature, there were 2 galleries, first was “Transcending Space”, which brought visitors to the heart of nature. And the second gallery was “Black Waves”, which combined the elegance and beauty of traditional Japanese art with contemporary scientific data. This poetic rendition of nature invited visitors to contemplate and meditate.

​I love this place was because they are really concerned about every detail and the meaning of the gallery. They also thought about the transition from Nature into the Town by providing a slide through the Fruit Field. The cycle of life, death and rebirth was symbolized as the visitors glide down the slide to depart Nature and enter into Town.

Art Science Museum
Black waves at Art Science Museum

​Urban Areas offered access to education, jobs, transport, and information, as well as sense of community, and space for culture to proliferate. Contemporary architects designed buildings and urban spaces using a combination of cutting-edge technology and artistic acumen.

In the Town section of exhibition, there were six projects – Sketch Town, Sketch Town Paper Craft, Media Block Chairs, Connecting Train Blocks, A Table Where Little People Live, and Graffiti Nature.

Playful activity was an outlet for excess energy, done for enjoyment, amusement, pleasure and fun. However, play also allowed us to reflect on the ideals and truths that were missed in the activities of daily life, transcending the notion of “pleasure” to become an essential element of personal and societal development.

The five artworks in Park — Universe of Water Particles, Sketch Aquariums, Light Ball Orchestra, Story of the Time When Gods were Everywhere and Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses — represented various manifestations of recreation.

The journey through the exhibition ended by embarking outward and upward into astronomical space. Visitors were invited to appreciate the beauty and scale of the universe through monumental installation, Crystal Universe.

Art Science Museum
Media block chair di Art Science Museum
Art Science Museum
Sketch town at Art Science Museum
Art Science Museum
Drawing for Sketch Aquarium
Art Science Museum
Universe for water particles at Art Science Museum
Art Science Museum
Full of lightball orchestra
Art Science Museum
Great experience at lightball orchestra part
Art Science Museum
Crystal universe at Art Science Museum
Marina Bay Sands
Having fun around MBS

​Moving out from Art Science, I planned to visit the special exhibition from Yayoi Kusama at National Gallery of Singapore. Unfortunately there were a very long queue for the entrance and we had to wait at least 3 hours because they limited the number of persons that could enter the exhibition at the same time. So I chose to get out from there.

Not too far away from this place, I found two other spots in my bucket list, Capitol theater and Chijmes.

Capitol Theater is home to plays and musicals and occasionally, gala events.

Capitol Theatre
Visiting Capitol Theatre

Chijmes is a historical building complex in Singapore, which began life as a Catholic convent known as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) and convent quarters known as Caldwell House. Now this place is known for its bars and restaurants.

The elegant Chijmes

​Then we went to the National Stadium of Singapore. We tried to go inside the Stadium but too bad all the gates were locked so we didn’t make it. So we just had fun around it.

National Stadium Singapore
Colorful and energetic jog track at National Stadium
National Stadium Singapore
The big area of National Stadium

​Almost starving, we headed to the Newton Food Centre, located 10 minutes walk from the Newton MRT Station. A must try food in this place is grilled stingray, this is the reason we came here. Another food that you have to try are omelette oyster, and chili crab. My Singaporean friend said this place was overpriced, well I agree with her a lil bit hehe..

​On the way back to our apartment, my friend and I decided to visit Tan Teng Niah Villa, located in Little India. It was 500 meters walk from the MRT station, use your maps to get the direction.

Just like its namesake, glimpses of India were visible in Little India. There were a high population of people of Indian descent here.

Little India Singapore
Along the way around little India

The sky was changing to dark, but slowly we finally found the Tan Teng Niah place. It was neither like what I had in mind nor what it looked like in many pictures in the Internet. It was house which was being used by a tour and travel company as their office. The look that was in the photos commonly found in the Internet was just one side of of the building wall. I can say that it was nice to see but not necessary to spend extra effort on. Just set your priorities whether you want to visit it.

LIttle India Singapore
Colorful wall in Tan Teng Niah Villa
LIttle India Singapore
Strolling around Tan Teng Niah Villa

So this was how my birthday getaway ended. Maybe it was not like how I usually spent my vacation (rushing everywhere) but I am really happy and feel recharged and be ready to next phase on my life.

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