Hi… my name is Lina, but some people call me Lynn or Alin.

Some of them was given by my friends and colleagues, happy for that because it means I’m special for them. So I will describe some basic information about me. Do I need to do this ?okay, I will do it, haha..

First of all let me tell you about How do I look. I am sure everybody agree if I say I am small, thin, chubby, and have no eye lid. Some people say I am cute haha. You can see my picture to verify this statement, LOL.

I’m an easy going, smiley, friendly, lovable, and talkative person.

I love to travel, love to eat, love to play basketball and running, and love photography so much and of course being a model.

In this Blog I would like to share my travel and food experience, and maybe the other interesting or special occasion.

Is it enough ?please say yes, hehe.. 🙂

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Thanks for visiting my Blog.