Japan Itinerary 13 Days

Again, my dreams came true. This is a simple sentence but it is very meaningful to me because finally I could go to one of my favorite countries, which is Japan. Horayyy!!!


Why I love Japan? Because there are so many beautiful sceneries, theme parks, anime museums, great temples/castles, nice cafes and restaurants, delicious food, cool nightlife, shopping stores and many things to do in Japan.

I came to Japan in the autumn season. I chose autumn because I would like to enjoy the yellow, orange, and red momiji there. And I think it was a perfect decision, as I couldn’t stop loving the wonderful view.

It was also nice because I went there with my sisters, Raju and Ela. Sadly my brother, Iwan, couldn’t go with us because he had exam. I know he would be very happy to go to Japan because he loved Anime, Pokemon, Gundam, and other things that came from Japan.

The other good thing was I had 13 days to spend in Japan. Please don’t envy me, I know your feeling, hehe. Because I had quite long time, I went to 5 different cities in Japan. They were Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Kasawaki, and Mt. Fuji. It was awesome that I could go to those cities but yeah, it was a little bit hard to move from one city to another when you had so many luggage to bring with you.

Well, I will share my itinerary here, I hope it can help you to arrange yours. This was my schedule, later I will share more detail for each city.

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1st day
Departed from the Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta at 8.30 AM (Local time) by Air Asia and arrived at the Kansai Airport, Osaka at 11.00 PM (Local time). I transited in Kuala Lumpur for about three hours. I stayed at the airport because there is no train anymore at that time. Don’t worry, there were so many people who stay here, and the seats were quite comfortable to sleep.

2nd day
Went to Kyoto, left our luggage in the Ryokan Ohto (Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn) and went to Kiyomizudera (Pure water temple), Higashiyama Street, Kodaiji temple, Pagoda (I don’t know the name), and Gion area.

Kiyomizudera temple
We are entering Kiyomizudera temple
Strolling around Higashiyama street
All the Momiji leaves turn to red and oranges at Higashiyama street
Romantic pagoda at Kyoto
Ela stand in front of entrace of Kodaiji temple
Kodaiji temple
Peaceful Kodaiji temple at afternoon
Kodaiji temple
Touch the bell and pray for best wishes at Kodaiji temple

3rd day
Still in Kyoto, went to Kinkakuji temple (Golden Pavilion), Tenryuji temple, Bamboo Grooves (Bamboo Path), and walked around Kyoto Station.

Kinkakuji temple
Make it to visit Kinkakuji temple at Kyoto
Tenryuji temple
We are visiting Tenryuji temple at Kyoto
Tenryuji temple
Tori gate with red Momiji leaves at Tenryuji temple
Bamboo arashiyama
Bambo grooves or Bamboo Arashiyama which always full of people
Bamboo arashiyama
Found many tori gates at any places in Kyoto including Bamboo grooves
Kyoto tower
See Kyoto tower from Kyoto station

4th day
Half day in Kyoto, went to Fushimi Inari shrine (Important Shinto Shrine), after that went to Tokyo by Shinkansen (Hikari). Checked in at the Shinjuku city hotel N.U.T.S and walked around Shibuya, enjoying the city.

5th day
Still in Tokyo, went to Tokyo Disney Sea (Theme Park) for the whole day.

6th day
Checked out from the Shinjuku city hotel N.U.T.S and went to Mt. Fuji. The plan was that we were going to ski, but we had problem so we arrived late and also it was raining there so I decided not to go to the ski resort. We just stayed at hostel K’s House Kawaguchiko and went out for dinner.

7th day
Enjoyed Onsen (hot springs) in the morning at the Royal Hotel, which was located near our hostel. We had discount voucher from the hostel. After that, we just walked around Lake Kawaguchiko to enjoy the fresh air and to take some pictures of the wonderful view there. In the afternoon, we played at Fuji-Q highland (Theme Park) and then went back to Tokyo at Night, moved to the Sakura hostel in Asakusa area.

8th day
Visited Asakusa, there were Kaminari Gate, Sensoji Temple, Asakusa Shrine, Dempoin temple, Nakamise shopping street, and Shin-nakamise shopping street.

I also went to Rikugien (Japanese Landscape Garden) and walked around Akihabara area to see Gundam Cafe, AKB48 Cafe, and shopping at Yodobashi Akiba (Huge Electronic store).

9th day
Walked around Tokyo skytree, and went to Kawasaki to see Doraemon Museum. Shopping at BIC Camera, Harajuku Street, and Shibuya Street.

10th day
Went to Osaka by Shinkansen. The plan was to go to the Osaka Castle, but it was already dark when we arrived in Osaka so we just walked around Dotonbori and Namba after checking in at the Lions Rock hotel.

11th day
It was time to visit the theme park again, so we went to the Universal Studio Japan. Unfortunately, it was raining that day but we were still excited to play around and took photos with the figures, and also entered the Harry Potter area, which was new in the Universal Studio Osaka. The Harry Potter area was very nice, it looked very much like Harry Potter’s. Later, I will write more about this, hehe…

12th day
Last day to play and enjoy Japan. We went to the Osaka Castle, taking photos around and inside the castle. After that we went back to the Dotonbori area to do shopping for last time and of course, to enjoy the food.

13th day
Went back to Jakarta by Air Asia (again) and our holiday was over.

That was my schedule. You know, it was more tiring to write all the itinerary than doing all those activities 🙂

So, enjoy Japan to anyone who wants to go there. You will never regret it, I promise you.

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