How Much Budget for Japan Trip? (13 Days)

I traveled around Japan for 13 days. You must be curious how much money I spent there.

Check this out!

  1. Flight to Japan

    I bought AirAsia ticket two ways IDR 3.800.000 (include baggage) for 1 person. I bought this ticket on February 2014 for travel on November 2014. Waiting for long time and I have to pay directly at the time I made the reservation.

  2. Accommodation in Japan

    Since I don’t have much money and I would not spent my whole day at the hotel, so I booked budget hotel, hostel, or guest house. But of course, I still see the rating, and guest comments before I made reservation.

    Kyoto – Ryokan Ohto Kyoto 26000 Yen for 2 nights
    Tokyo – Shinjuku City Hotel NUTS Tokyo 29200 Yen for 2 nights
    Mt. Fuji – K’s guest house Mt. Fuji 9900 Yen for 1 night
    Tokyo – Sakura hostel Tokyo 42900 Yen for 3 nights
    Osaka – Shinsaibashi Lions Rock 40500 Yen for 3 nights

    The price are for 3 people. You also have to try at least 1 night at hotel/hostel with tatami style, it was so unique, nice, and warm inside.

    I made reservation in In here, you could make reservation and no need to pay at the same time. Cancellation fee would be charged if you cancel the reservation close to the date, example Day-7, but the policy is different for each hotel.

    So you can make booking of distant days, and still had the opportunity to cancel if you find hotel with better quality and price. I pay hotel with cash when check-in process.

  3. JR Pass

    Because I traveled to several cities in Japan, where most of the possibility of stray so I need to going out into the train and also will use the Shinkansen (fast train) 2 ways, so I decided to bought the JR Pass because it would be more efficient.

    If you have a JR Pass, you can use the JR train all you want during the period of the JR Pass. For example, Shinkansen ticket from Kyoto—Tokyo cost around 14.000 Yen, so if its 2 ways the price becomes 28.000 Yen. The rest of credit 1,200 Yen already covered for trips to Mt. Fuji to Otsuki station, travel costs about 1300 Yen. In addition I can also use the JR Pass to go to other tourist locations.

    I bought JR in Jalan Tour in Jakarta. We only can buy JR Pass outside Japan. You have to go to JR Counter in Japan, then activate the JR Pass. You can pay either in IDR or Yen. I bought JR Pass 29.200 Yen per person for 7 days.

  4. Entrance fee

    Cost of entrance fee is not negotiable, fixed according to the location of your destination. Make sure you have set up and save money for the entrance fee separately with money to eat and snack.

    • Universal Studio Japan 6980 yen
    • Disney Sea 6400 yen
    • Fujiq highland 5200 yen
    • Kiyomizudera 300 yen
    • Kodaiji temple 600 yen
    • Museum doraemon 1000 yen
    • Kinkakuji temple 400 yen
    • Onsen 900 yen
    • Rikuigen garden 600 yen
    • Osaka castle 600 yen
  5. Meals, Snacks and Transport

    For meals, snacks, and transport (other than those covered by JR) I prepare 3,000 Yen per day per person. Since I went with my sisters so money is held by one person , which is me “as always”(other than a personal money for shopping purposes). So every day we had 9000 Yen for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, transport (bus/train), and also shopping for things that we use together.

    Here are the approximate cost of meals and transport

    1. Yoshinoya/ Matsiya 400 – 600 Yen per portion
    2. Genki sushi 1800 Yen for 3 person
    3. Sushi in Osaka 137 yen per plate (1 price sushi restaurant)
    4. Onigiri in Family mart 100 Yen
    5. Udon 700 – 900 Yen
    6. Ramen 700 – 900 Yen
    7. Pablo original 1000 Yen (egg tart dessert)
    8. Matcha ice cream 250 Yen
    9. Takoyaki or Kushiyaki 300 – 500 Yen
    10. Lunch at Disney Sea min 500 Yen per pack
    11. Daisho (1 stop price supermarket) 108 Yen, be carefull when you are here, you can be poor easily
    12. Subway for 1 way 150 – 240 yen
    13. Bus in Kyoto 230 yen (every destinantion)

    Here are the approximate cost for important snacks/souvenir

    1. Tokyo Banana 1080 Yen for 8 pcs, 498 Yen for 4 pcs
    2. Pistachio nuts 650 Yen (im not sure, as i remember it quite expensive, thats why i just bought a little)
    3. Kyoto Mochi 580 Yen small packs
    4. Greentea Kitkat 300 Yen
    5. Hello Kitty phone straps 580 Yen
    6. One piece phone straps 580 Yen
    7. Lucky charm start from 300 Yen
    8. Duffy and Shelliemay doll 1800 Yen for small one, 3600 Yen for big one
    9. Minnie/ other Disney figure headbands start from 1200 Yens

If you want to buy camera or other electronic devices, you can go to Yodobashi or BIC Camera. The price mostly cheaper than in Indonesia, and they gave 5% discount for minimal 10,000 Yen spending using Visa card, or 8% discount VAT refund if you spending more. The minimal spending is different for each shop.
Ahh this must be very great news for you, if you get VAT Refund, they will deducted from your billing directly, so you don’t have to go to additional place in Airport to get your VAT refund.

This is awesome for me, because I don’t need to queue twice. Now you know, why I had over baggage. Make sure you have much baggage space, because charge for over baggage was so expensive. I had to pay around 12,000 Yen T_T.

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People said Japan is an expensive Country. Yes they are right. But I can say it depends on how you manage your trip. It can be expensive and cheap, also. You have to choose, which expenditure should not be negotiable, and which ones can you minimize. It would be different for each people, even for me and my sister. For me, sushi is number 1, I would pay for it, but it’s different with my old sister, for her cosmetic is number 1, hehe..

I hope this article can give you inspiration and guidance, how long you will go to Japan, how much money you have to prepare, which place will you visit, and so on.

I am feeling Happy because I can share what I have to you.

Enjoy Japan!

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