Wonderful Korea (Seoul, Busan, and Jeju island) – Part 2 – End


Hamdeok Beach

Last article stop in the situation that we were looking for camera charger.
We arrived at Jeju island and took bus to the market. We tried to ask other  people about finding a camera store. There was 1 girl who responded us.

She told us to tried at E-mart or Lottemart (K-mart), which were quite big department stores.
We first went to Lottemart because it was bigger but they didn’t have it. So we went to E-mart. They did sell cameras.  Yeahh.. I think it was good sign for us. I tried to ask if they sold the battery or the charger but there were no people who could speak English so it was a bit difficult, until the manager came out. He said “I could speak English but not too good but I will try to help you”. I explained our situation. He said that they didn’t sell the battery or the charger separately, they were only selling the cameras. But he let us charge our battery at their store using their charger and came back the next morning to pick up the battery because it was already 9 pm and they would close at 11 pm. Wah, it was really nice of him.  We met another good person in Korea.
I told him we would wait there until the shop closed and took the battery because our hotel was far away from the city and we couldn’t come back there in the morning. He asked what the name of the hotel was. I showed him the name of the hotel and he checked the hotel location, and was shocked. He said “It is so far and it’s a bit dangerous to go there at night especially for girls and of course foreigners.” I said the girls on the bus already gave us the phone number to order reliable taxi. And it was okay we could took a taxi to go the hotel.  Guess what he said after that? “I will finish work at 11 pm. Both of you can wait in front of shop and I will drive you to the Hotel.” What? Wow.. Is he being nice or is he trying to trick us?
We both refused his offer and said we would take a taxi.  Also, as he told us the place was so far away, we didn’t want take his time. He said that the place was near his sister’s place so he could stay there. He would call his sister to make sure first, then he said his sister was at home so he could stay there.
At the end we accepted his offer. We took the battery when the shop was closed and waited outside, like two lost girls haha…
On the way to hotel, my friend and I talked in Bahasa Indonesia, how if this guy kidnapped us. I said, at least we knew where he worked, but now I think that knowing it would useless if we had already disappear from the world hahaha..  As it turned out, he was a good guy and a very nice guy. We talked about three best beaches in Jeju Island by his standards. He loved to travel but he was scared to take a plane flight. So bad of me that I didn’t remember his name. And he was right, the hotel was so so so far away and the road was very dark and scary. He drove us to the hotel and also helped us to talk to the hotel owner because she couldn’t speak English. Actually it was a hostel. After, he said he was going drive back to city because his mom was worried. So sweet. Thank you so much good guy.  If you can read this, we really appreciate your kind help.
It was already over midnight when we reached the hostel but the hostel owner was still very nice to to us. She took us to our room and then she came back to our room to bring some mandarin oranges and made sure we had everything we need. These nice people made me want to go back to Korea more than anything else.
We woke up in the early morning to enjoy the sunrise in Hamdeok beach in Jeju Island. It was just 5 minutes walk from the hostel, which was the reason why I chose this hostel. There was no one except us. No wonder, it was winter and it was so early haha.. but it was such a nice and relaxing place. My friend said she would come back here at summer.


We took breakfast in the nearest restaurant. The food was quite good. Then we continued our journey to Jeju Folk Village museum. We took a bus. Actually it was a bit difficult if you could not speak Korean. You could not ask a lot. You could only tell them where you were going or show the picture or the Korean name of that place. It was a long road but the view was amazing, just make sure you take the left seats so you can see the beach. But if you have a lot of time you can stop at some place along that way, it is very nice place.
Thanks to the E-mart manager who let us to charge our battery, we could still took pictures in Jeju island, hehe..
Jeju Folk Village museum was bigger than Folk Village Museum in Seoul, and  it looked really traditional. Traditional house, fishing stuff, and so on.
I don’t know if all Korean people in Jeju are nice people or we were just lucky. When we stopped at bakery to buy bread (because we skipped meal), the ahjumma (old woman) at the store gave us mandarin oranges as compliment. They were so kind. Or maybe because we looked cute that they loved us haha..

Old traditional house

Last stop at Jeju island is Jungmun beach. Actually there was a lot of tourist attractions near Jungmun beach like the Teddy Bear Museum, Chocolate House, Toys Shop and more, but we only focused on the Jungmun beach. The bus dropped us on the main street and we needed to walk to reach the beach. We left our luggage at the shop near the main street, I didn’t remember why they let me do it.
It was a long walk anyway and a bit weird to wear boots to the sandy beach, but it was worth to visit even though it was not a fantastic beach. Indonesia has many more beautiful beaches. We planned to take airport bus and already checked the schedule. We reached the shuttle bus stop on time so we could take the bus.  We just need to sit after a long walk and long day trip that day.
On the way to the airport, when we were talking in Bahasa Indonesia, the guy who was sitting on the front seat turned his back and talked to us “Indonesia? Nasi goreng?”  Oh wow.. we were so surprised and laughed.  We then had a small conversation  with him. He had often visited Indonesia for business for the last 15 years. He could speak Bahasa Indonesia fluently, but we talked in English.  I still remember his name to his day, we call him Mr. Choi.
The bus reached airport at 6 pm and our flight was at 8 pm, so we thought we wanted to have dinner first. I asked Mr. Choi, if there were any recommended korean BBQ restaurant there because we had not enjoyed korean BBQ yet. He said he knew good restaurant but he forgot the name, when we reached airport he would ask others first.
We had different flight with mr. Choi, ours was Jeju air at 8pm, and his flight was Korean air at 7 pm. Mr. Choi said, he would ask others first and told us after we both checked in.
After we finished checking in, Mr. Choi was already waiting for us. He said “Let’s go for dinner”. We said, “What?  Don’t you have to fly at 7 pm?”.  He said he already changed his flight into 8 pm. We were like “Wow! OK, then. Let’s not waste the time here and let’s find a place to eat”, hehe..
It was the first time we didn’t have to to take a long time to explain to the taxi driver where we wanted to go, because of course Mr. Choi could speak Korean. And the restaurant was not far, about 10 minutes by taxi.
The restaurant owner recognized Mr. Choi, seemed that he had come here several times before. Anyway, it was not Korean BBQ. They served steamed pork but it was authentic Korean, explained Mr. Choi. When I opened the menu, the first 3 first pages contained set dishes but they were expensive. I wanted to open the next page but Mr. Choi said, “How about we order the set menu?”. We just said okay with doubtful faces haha…
When we were waiting for the food, Mr. Choi asked where we went for the last couple of days.  He was amazed after hearing our story. This two cute girls could travel a lot by public transport and also the story about the E-mart manager. I was 25 at that time but he thought we were high school students.
They served steam pork and fish, the taste was delicious but the portion too big for three person so we couldn’t finished the food. The owner asked mr. Choi why we didn’t finish the food. Didn’t we like the food? We said it was delicious but we were too full.
We wanted to share the bill but Mr. Choi didn’t let us to pay. I didn’t know how much the total cost was but to give you an idea, even the cheaper set of dish that I saw on the menu cost 150.000 Won which was 1.500.000 IDR.
Before went to separate gates at airport, we made an appointment to meet the next day in Seoul to have Korean BBQ. Mr. Choi gave us his phone number. He said he had a meeting near our hotel the next day, so he would meet us at the hotel at noon. After saying farewell, we took our own flight to Seoul.
On the last two days in Seoul, we just want to relax and to walk everywhere we wanted to go. No set plan, hehe.. We went to Namdaemun market for shopping again. My friend wanted to buy the same jacket as mine for her sister and the same hat for herself.
We also went to Itaewon but the street shops were not yet opened so we walked to Myeongdong, our favorit place. We wanted to watch the Nanta Show but we remembered we had an appointment with Mr. Choi.  We bought the ticket for night show, then we went to a public telephone to call him. He said he was waiting for us to call. We walked back to hotel quickly because we felt guilty. When we reached the hotel, the reception told us that Mr. Choi had called us twice.
Mr. Choi was already waiting for us. We walked to the restaurant together. It was not near but not too far. Still, it was tiring for us. However, Mr. Choi whose age was much more senior compared to us didn’t look tired at all.
We went to a Korean BBQ restaurant. The restaurant almost full, but we still managed to get a table. Mr. Choi ordered for us. In here, they didn’t grill for us, we had to grill by ourselves, but they did help.
The food tasted good. We drank soju. I was the one who drank just a litle since I could not drink a lot. We cheered when we drank soju. It was so much fun. Mr. Choi was a nice and considerate well-off man haha…
My friend and I wanted to pay this time, but Mr. Choi didn’t let us pay, which make me felt bad because he already paid for us once. He said he wanted to meet us again the day after but he couldn’t because he had meeting. He hoped we could meet in Indonesia the next time he visited. And we finally said goodbye. And yes, we did meet him again in Jakarta the following year.
After saying goodbye to Mr. Choi, we spent time in Myeongdong shopping, and after that, watching Nanta show. It was a fantastic performance. It was a musical and theatrical show. It cost 50.000 Won per person. Rather expensive but I feel it was worth it.
We continued walking in Myeongdong after watching the Nanta show, and there was a free hug moment. So people would offer free hug to you, you could reply their hug or not, it was up to you. But it was sure nice to hug a cute Korean guy hahaha… we enjoyed the night until late because it was our last night in Seoul.
And the very last day in Seoul, again we went to Namdaemun market to buy the things we wanted to get but had not had the time. It was okay because we already knew the shortcut. Then we went back to our hotel to check out and took airport transfer to go to the airport. We could say our vacation was over.
It was such a wonderful and unforgetable vacation. It has been four and a half years since, and yet I still can remember the details. I met so many nice people who helped us during our vacation. Also the sightseeing was amazing, the food was delicious as well and not too expensive, except for the steam pork because it was a set menu and the portion was large. The cosmetic and skin care product prices were incredibly inexpensive.

Visited Nanta show

I am sure to comeback again to enjoy all those things. My ticket was already bought for my next visit, you can contact me for features.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this memorable stories.
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