What i miss about Japan

Which of you are spend time on end of year holiday? How’s your holiday ? It must be a great holiday, especially for you who traveled with your special one. Unfortunately, we have to go back to reality, back to work.

We must leave some beautiful and memorable things, which we see and enjoy during holiday. That was what I felt when I was on plane on the way back to Jakarta.

I really missed many good things and sweet memories while I was in Japan. I even could remember every single moment I had there, and I did feel sad at that time. But I can do nothing unless still back to reality, Jakarta.

I am sure, you are really curious what I missed a lot from Japan till I felt so sad? Well here I wanna share some things I missed from Japan, please enjoy.

The very first thing is Fresh air. I could felt it since I touched down in Japan. The fresh air that I enjoy in Japan, we cannot enjoy it in Jakarta. Yes, I miss it, I really miss it. I really can breathe nicely there even I am on the street, no pollution.


Adequate Transportation

This one also you can’t enjoy in Jakarta or other cities in Indonesia. Thanks to Japan Government, I could have my wonderful holiday in Japan because of it.

All of their public transportations are really well maintained and scheduled. You would not saw broken door handle, or broken automatic door like in Trans Jakarta. You would not late at office because the train schedules are really on time. Also, the transportation makes me can go to many places easily. You don’t need to rent car to enjoy comfortable trip.

The rest room are clean, hygiene, and good smell. you can find the rest rooms everywhere in public area such as Airport, train Station, temple, theme park, restaurant, Lawson, etc. I am pretty sure you will like it.

Japanese are famous about discipline so they usually walk faster than anyone else. Also, they always do everything so fast, not in a hurry but very fast. I hate slow people, sorry.

It was autumn when I went there, and how lucky I am, I could see wonderful autumn view. The Momiji leaf change color into red and slowly they start to fall to ground. Because of these things never happen in Jakarta, I little bit tacky. Because of that, I took some pictures with background momiji tree and brought the momiji leaf home. Hehe..


Fast internet connection

No kidding. Japan’s internet connection was very awesome. I can easily upload video to social media. All the video in FB automatically play when I open FB timeline, I was shock of this. This is very important and useful for tourist because we can use google map and google translate perfectly, no buffering. And of course to upload photos to social media are very easily.


Humble people

Japanese people always say sumimasen,I don’t know how to write correctly, which means “excuse me or I’m sorry”. It’s totally DIFFERENT with people in Jakarta. In Japan, when they accidently nudging people, they will say “sumimasen” repeatedly.

So as, if they want to ask permission for passing others people, they will say “sumimasen” with nice tone and little bow. In Jakarta, people will say “misi – misi” with high tone. I really miss Japanese’s habit about respect because I feel they have tolerance and appreciate among them is high.


Friendly people

Many people say that Japanese people not good with English, Yes it’s true, but no worries, most of Japanese people are friendly and kind. They will help you if you ask for it. Even, when I had trouble or difficulty carrying my luggage at subway station, suddenly a man offered assistance to carry my luggage.

This man couldn’t speak English. He just showed to me with his gesture and I accepted his assistance “Thanks Ikkebukuro”. I call him Ikkebukuro because I met him in Ikkebukuro station and he also make sure that we take right train and right time.


Cheap fresh sushi

It was very cheap. I came to one price sushi restaurant, it was cost 137yen for 1 plate contain two nigiri sushi. We ate at least 7 plates for each person. The chef looked very professional. I found this sushi restaurant in dotonbori area, Osaka. I didn’t know the name of the restaurant because it was wrote in Japanese language. you can try Genki sushi in Shibuya, Tokyo. It’s quite cheap and delicious.

The other things that I miss are onigiri and yoghurt from family mart, I always ate tuna onigiri.
Japan also have Cute dessert such as green tea ice cream, we bought it on the way to kiyomizudera, Pablo egg tart in dotonbori, very cheap samgyeopsal in matsiya Korean restaurant, kushiyaki and takoyaki which you can find everywhere, tax free shop and daisho which made me poor.

You know, I will never have any regret for my Japan trip, even I spent much money there. I thought its fair enough compare to what I got and learned. I become smarter, open minded, and have better communication skill, I guess, hehe..

Someday I will be back to Japan, wait for me…

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  1. Bama

    This reminds me of my first trip abroad to Europe. Clearly fresh air is always one thing we, especially Jakartans, miss from those countries. I can totally relate to what you said about remembering every single thing we experienced while traveling, down to the very scent of the room we stayed! Next time you go to Japan try skiing in Hokkaido or probably Nagano — a friend told me that the snow in Japan was the most fluffy and powdery he has ever seen.

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