We Run Jakarta #Bajak Jakarta 2014..

Have you ever imagined run in the middle of the city of Jakarta in the Afternoon? With conditions there were congestion and smog pollution from motor vehicle. Never!! I’m sure you would never imagine it though. And So do I.

But, believe it or not, It Happened. Around 9000 people, including me, we did it. We ran as far as 10 km and surround some areas of Jakarta, starting from Lapangan Banteng – Pasar Baru – Gajah Mada – Harmorni – Monas – Tugu Tani – Senen – back to Lapangan Banteng.

This event called Bajak Jakarta, sponsored by Nike. This event took place on 13th December 2014 starting at 4 pm.

In this event, we hijack most of Jakarta, and create congestion on the path we passed. Most lines have been prepared for us but the rest of us should strove to get our own path. It’s terrible but since there were lots of people, it becomed fun. Of course for runners, not the rider. I am Sorry Rider.

Running 10 km is not easy for me, but eventually I managed to do it. I have never imagined that I am able to run as far as 10 km. This event is a second marathon event for me, after I joined the Jakarta Marathon 2014 to 5K category.

I finished my first 5K in 37 minutes 32 seconds, and I completed my first 10 K in 1 hour 17 minutes 46 seconds with a 7:47 pace.

In terms of preparation, I just practice a total of 2 times after I enrolled in this Bajak Jakarta Event. And I also took vacation for 2 weeks, hehe .. But thanks God, I have mr. Charda and mr. Jeffrey who always give support and advice to me how to do it properly. And convinced me that I can do it.

Running lately become very popular and many institutions are competing to hold the event Marathon. Running is good for health but you should be selective in choosing a running event. Things that become my criteria in choosing the event are: The Date and execution time, the Sponsor, Location (Route), and of course the race pack.


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