Trip to Nepal, Never Ending Peace And Love

It never crossed in my mind to have a trip to Nepal. Perhaps because it wasn’t exactly the most popular tourist destination for people in Indonesia. I wasn’t even sure who was the initiator of the trip I was invited to join.

In the beginning I did not want to go because it was difficult for me to get leave permission from the office and the tour cost was quite expensive. However, after a few times browsing for information Nepal, I finally decided I had to visit that country. Of course after obtaining my leave request approved first.

Group pictures of Nepal trip
Scenery in Nepal on my way to Phew Lake

Although I had seen the pictures of some of the more popular Nepal destinations on the Internet, I could not wait to see in person what Nepal looks like. And after having seen the beauty of Nepal, my only regret was that why I had to be doubtful about coming on the trip.

I found Nepal amazing, especially the place called the Australian Camp. It was the best. Australian Camp is a place with a large grass field filled with pretty little flowers, with a stunning view of the great Annapurna mountains. To get there you have to trek for a few hours. The path is sometimes steep but not difficult, my older trip companions could do it with no problem.

During the climbing, we were helped by Sherpa, an ethnic group from the most mountainous region of Nepal, high in the Himalayas. They help us brought our luggages except the camera and water to drink.

Each Sherpa carrying a load about 100kg, and how they brought it was to put a strap/hook in the head and stuff on their back. They are usually looking for money in this way. In climbing mission we have to share the road with Donkey. Donkey is usually used as a means of transporting goods from the ground to the Australian camp.

Australian camp Nepal
Sunrise in Australian camp in Nepal by Jeffrey Sukardi
Amazing Lady Sherpa
Say hello to Sherpa who help us to brought our stuffs to Australian camp Nepal
Australian camp
Donkeys help to bring the stuffs to Australian camp by Jeffrey Sukardi

When I saw the mountains with the snowy peak I was speechless. I just sat there looking at them in amazement. Soon after, I was busy taking pictures and had my pictures taken since of course nobody would want to miss such moment. I never thought I could see such amazing view. You have to come and see it yourself.

Unfortunately, due to the restricted schedule we had, we could not spend too much time there. We only had time to stay for one night. At the Australian Camp you could enjoy sunsets and sunrises. There was a small but lovely church there also.

Australian camp Nepal
Enjoying the grass and hashy sky in Australian camp
Australian camp Nepal
Cathing the sunrise in Australian camp Nepal
Australian camp Nepal
The lodges at Australian camp Nepal

Besides the Australian Camp there were a few places we visited, such as Boudhanath, Pashupatinadh, Phewa Lake, Sarangkot, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and at last Thamel Street shopping area.



Boudhanath is a stupa located in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Boudhanath is one of the largest ancient stupas and in 1979 became a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is also a popular tourist location in Nepal.

Many Nepali come to this place to pray. Boudhanath is surrounded by bells. It is said that if you can go around Boudhanath while touching all the bells, your wish will come true.

Boudhanath Nepal
The icon of Boudhanath Nepal
Boudhanath Nepal
Sangha in Boudhanath Nepal
Boudhanath Nepal
Touch the bell all around The Boudhanath Nepal
Boudhanath Nepal
Prayers in Boudhanath Nepal
Boudhanath Nepal
Afternoon walk in Boudhanath Nepal by Jeffrey Sukardi


Pashupatinadh is Nepal’s most sacred Hindu shrine. It is a place for people to pray as well as a place for cremation. Before being cremated, the deceased is brought to the river next to the shrine and cleansed there. They believe the water of the river is holy because it is connected to the shrine. After being cleansed then the deceased is ready to be cremated.

It is believed that when someone dies, then the body has to be brought here as soon as possible. If he/she lived far away, then the body must be brought to the nearest river.

Pashupatinadh Nepal
Watching the death ceremony in Pashupatinadh Nepal
We called it Sadhu in Nepal
Pashupatinadh Nepal
Rare moment to take picture with Sadhu in Pashupatinadh in Nepal

Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake is a lake located in the city of Pokhara. People can go on boats surrounding the lake in the late afternoon until sunset. In the lake we can also enjoy the view of the Annapurna mountains. What a peaceful moment.

Phewa lake
Enjoying sunset in Phewa Lake


Sarangkot is located near Pokhara. The best moment in Sarangkot is during sunrise with the Annapurna mountain range as the background. However, you must come there very early as the place will be packed with many people to take pictures.

Good morning from ice mountain at Sarangkot Nepal by Jeffrey Sukardi


Nagarkot is a village in Bhaktapur area with hills, valleys and pine trees. From Nagarkot, we can enjoy the views of the Annapurna and Himalaya mountain ranges. It is best experienced during sunrise and sunset.

Unfortunately, we arrived too late to enjoy the sunset and as our luck turned out, the next morning the fog came down so thick that we could not see much during sunrise. I believed if we had more time there were much more to explore such as the traditional houses of the local people, hills and pine forest.

Nagarkot Nepal
Good morning from Nagarkot at Country Villa Resort
Friends go to Nepal

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Bhaktapur is an ancient city of Nepal. Here the tourist destinations are temples, temples and more temples. Not surprising since Nepal is a country known for its temples and shrines as the temples there outnumber people. Aside from the temples, photographers should be pleased with the human interest scenes unique to Nepal.

There are also lots of street merchants selling souvenirs with prices approximately the same as in Thamel Street shopping area. If you find something you like for a suitable price, I suggest you get it as you may not find it elsewhere.

Bhaktapur Durbar square
Strolling around Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Thamel Street

Thamel Street is an area serving as the center to purchase souvenirs. Never hesitate to bargain for a lower price because usually the seller will start off with quite a high price for a not so high quality goods. For this part of the trip, I can’t tell you the details of how to go from one place to another because I went with a tour group, so the sequence was already arranged for us.


Overall, I gave 8 out of 10 for our trip to Nepal because I was happy with this trip. Hotels were good except for the lodge in Australian Camp, which was okay because the view was so amazing. The food was nice, even the Chinese food was better than some places in Jakarta. Most of the restaurants we went to also provided free wifi.

Feeling excited?

You should. You have to have your own Nepal trip. You won’t regret it.

Thank God I have the chance to have this wonderful experience with wonderful friends. I hope I will have more chances to see more of God’s wonderful creations.

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