How To Survive in Japan

When I said that I went to Japan, my friends asked “Do you join the tour?” and I replied “No!”.

They said, “Woww… How you survived in Japan?? Japanese people barely spoke English, right? Were there many instructions or signs using English language?”

The answer is not many Japanese people are fluent in English and mostly the instructions or signs are not in English. So how could I survive in Japan for 13 days?

Here you will find the answers and hopefully this can help you who want to go to Japan.

The first thing you should do is of course determine the location you want to go. For example: Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Osaka Castle, Disney Sea, and others.

After that, what most important thing you have to do is order a mobile WiFi to use during your stay in Japan. Why I ask you to have mobile WiFi while in Japan, because it is very difficult to find free WiFi while you are on the road or public area and of course you will need the internet. Most free WiFi just being in a hotel room.

I’m sorry I did not make a comparison to some companies because I did not have much time. When I searched in Google, it showed this website and I was satisfied with this company. The rental price wasn’t too expensive (for me), and the internet speed was very remarkable even used for 4-5 gadgets at once. There was no buffering at all. Loved the internet speed so much.

Besides mobile WiFi, this company also offers several options how you can stay in touch while in Japan, such as rent an iPhone to go, rent simcard to iPhone, Android, and iPad, rent a Datacard, and rent an Android EVO. So please choose smartly according to your needs.

Since I used it for 3 people, I decided to rent a mobile WiFi that can be shared and more economical as well.

Currently there are 3 options speed which are 165 Mbps, 75 Mbps, and 21 Mbps with different prices of course. I used the 75 Mbps, not because i wanted the fastest but because when I ordered the only available was that one. So for those who are interested, soon make a reservation for a mobile WiFi suit your needs as long as stocks last.

Do not be confused how you can get the mobile Wifi. When making reservations, you should write the address where you will take this mobile WiFi. For example I wrote the address of the hotel where I would stayed, and this mobile WiFi and the charger already there when I arrived. And how to returns are also quite easy.

When you receive a mobile WiFi, they already provide envelope addressed where it should be returned. So when you are not using it anymore or lifetime is up, you can enter the mobile WiFi and charger into the envelope, and put it in the post box anywhere. So easy.

The next step is you must install two important applications in your gadget, Google Maps and Google Translate.

Thanks God Japan is a highly developed country, so most of the tourist destination, hotels, hostels, subway station, bus station has been mapped and can be searched easily.

You just need to enter this information:

  • The destination
  • Starting point : your current location or specific location
  • Depart time (when you will go)

There will be three choices of vehicle: private car / taxi, public transportation (subway, JR, buses), and by walk.

The system will show some alternatives of how you can reach the destination complete with the estimated time and cost. Mostly I use public transport. For public transport, there will be some alternatives and departure schedules. Please select according to your needs.

Example: I want to go to Tokyo Disney Sea from Shinjuku Station at 3:51 PM.

Google Map shows 4 alternative routes with different cost and arrival time. Let’s say I take route number 1. The cost that i need to pay are 720 Yen and i need to walk total 14 mins. I will go to Saikyo Line and then transit to Keiyo Line. For detail you can click on the route until you get this screen below.

If you have JR Pass you don’t have to pay anything for JR Line, just show your JR Pass to the man/ woman at the entrance.

So, if you take route number 1, you should go to Saikyo Line platform number 1 or 2 towards Osaki or Shinkiba Station. Stop at Shinkiba station, you have to move to Keiyo Line towards Maihama Station. And after arrive at Maihama Station you can walk to Tokyo Disney Sea and Finish!!!

If you want to know the detail station you passed from Shinjuku Station to Osaki Station you can click at sentence “Saikyo Line towards Shinkiba 3 stops”. And the screen will be like this.

Next is Google Translate. Why do you need this?

Fit your assumptions, very minimal Japanese citizens who are fluent in English. But this is not a problem because I have Google Translate Application.

I just need to wrote a word or phrase in Indonesian or English that I wanted to said to the Japanese people, and the App automatically displayed the word or phrase in Japanese language. Turned on my speaker phone, and gave it to the Japanese people so they could heard directly from the App. Pronunciation would sound differently if I said it, hehe ..

So easy..

Of course you have to have internet first before you can use these two applications. So make sure you are always connected to the internet. Besides for using Google Maps and Google Translate, the internet will be useful to look for reference sites and the city’s favourite local food. And the most important why you need internet are to stay connected with family or relatives, and to be able to post your photos and activities on social media.

Also, you can equip yourself with a map of the subway or JR that you can get at the station or hotel reception. And usually the hotel also provides a map that describes the area around the hotel like fast food, convenience store, and attractions nearby.

For your information, for those of you who are travel to several cities in Japan and difficult to carry luggage too much, you can send your luggage to the destination city. You can come to a nearby convenience store for example Family mart or Lawson, and send your luggage there. The price varies depending on the location of the destination, and the volume of your suitcase. Your luggage will arrive next day.

At that time, I sent suitcases from Tokyo to Osaka, the price around 4200 Yen for 3 suitcases and luggage arrived at the hotel in Osaka next day. Quite expensive but it is very helpful considering I had a total of 6 suitcases to be taken only by 3 people haha ..

So what are you waiting? Go hurry book the tickets and pack your stuff and ready to explore Japan.

Happy Vacation to all of you.

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