Birthday Getaway in Singapore

​Faced with the fact that I was getting older, I was thinking that I had to do something different so my life would be happier and more precious. Actually, I already did plenty of new things throughout last year, but then I got an idea to do a really different activity on my birthday which I call birthday getaway.
The first idea that came to my mind was Disneyland. I was a li’l bit crazy about Disney, even more after I joined the training from Doug Lipp, the man behind Disney University. People say that Disneyland is the happiest place in the world, and that’s what I need. But for some reason, I ended up going to Universal Studio Singapore (USS). It doesn’t mean that Universal Studio is worse than Disneyland, I enjoyed my last visit to Universal Studio in Osaka, Japan.
So I flew to Singapore on the evening before my birthday to visit the Universal Studio there.  For visitors in Singapore who need to get connected to the Internet, you can buy tourist SIM card at Travelex money changer at the Changi Airport. It cost SGD15 for 5 days and 4 GB local data, 100 local SMS, 500 mins local calls, 30 mins international calls, and unlimited social media use.

Vacation anyone ?

​I woke up in the morning on 4th August then rushed to prepare myself to go to the USS. To be honest, at this time I wasn’t yet familiar with the neighbourhood I was staying in, so I just trusted my Google Maps. If you are using public transport, you can take a bus to the Vivo City Mall or MRT to the Harbourfront Station (which is connected to Vivo City Mall), then take the monorail Sentosa Express to reach Sentosa Island where the Universal Studio is located. You can use your Ezlink or purchase a one-time ticket to get onto the monorail. Or if you want to save money you can walk across to Sentosa Island, which will obviously take longer, so I don’t recommend doing it this way if you only have limited time.
I planned to reach USS before 10am so I can be the first on the line, but I didn’t make it. Well, since it was my birthday so the rule was I was not permitted to be mad or sad. I was on the line when they opened and 8 minutes later I already inside the theme park. Horaayyy…

Hello friends!!


Long queue


The birthday girl

The first thing I did was taking a Universal Studio map and a performance schedule, and then I ran into the Transformer attraction. Remember to take at least 2 copies of the maps, because you might leave one of them in the toilet like I did, he he… I saw like 50% of the people ran to the Transformer first. My friend told me that I had to go there first to beat the long queue, but I guess he was wrong. I waited for almost 45 minutes there. When I passed by the attraction again in the afternoon I saw the waiting time was only 20 minutes. I thought everyone must have had the same mind as I did. Anyway, before I went inside the ride, I took a little time to record a video. It was quite embarrassing but yeah, I did it and posted it on my Instagram. Please kindly find it at @lynnhalianto.

​Like I said before I’ve been at Universal Studio Japan (USJ), which is one of the Universal Studios that had Harry Potter zone. In the deepest of my heart, I expected that Transformer would be as amazing as “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” attraction but I was so sorry I thought it was just like 10% of it.


waiting for my ride


Calling for Bumblebee

Universal Studio Singapore (USS) had seven zones, they are Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar. I visited all the zones but not all the attractions because some of them were for kids. The whole area was not as large as Universal Studio in Japan. I even could walk around it for many times.
Despite all of that, you can enjoy the architecture and the interior from each zone as they are so beautiful. Especially for people from Asian countries, you can take a lot of photos in New York and Hollywood zones. Okay, I did too, haha…  And they have Despicable Me Breakout Party theme and characters displayed in many places because the film was playing at the cinemas in Singapore, including some Minions game spots. You have to pay if you want to play the game, SGD5 for 1 time and SGD10 for 3 times. I played 1 time and I got the prize, it was a Minion Bubble Gun, hahaha… 

Minions game


Another minions game

PictureBubble gun hahaha…



They also have performances. Please check the schedule when you enter the gate. I attended Waterworld. It was so fun and entertaining. They had 3 areas seated for audience, divided into 3 colours. If you were seated in the blue area, you will definitely get wet, forget about your rain coat. If you were seated in the green area, you would get splash by the water but you could still make use of your rain coat. And the last was the grey area, don’t worry, you would not get wet at all unless your friends hated you and dropped their soft drinks on your head haha…
After the show, you will have chance to take picture with the crews. When its my turned, I told them that it was my birthday and they sang happy birthday to me and said Happy 21st, hahaha… I was so happy.

Waterworld scene


Zooming in view


The crews who sang Happy birthday to me

Another fun show was the Minions Mob, there were some boys and girls dancing and then the minions came out and danced together, they were so funny, I loved it. And of course I took pictures with the Minions haha.. I also bought a minion bag, it was big backpack with white yellow stripes, minions style, it cost SGD35.

my treasures

Of all of the attractions, I would like to recommend you to enjoy these:

  1. Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon. If you have time, ride both of them, starting with the Human side. But if you have to choose, please take Cylon side. It was outstanding, especially if you can see your friend’s funny face haha…
  2. Revenge of the Mummy
  3. Transformers the Ride
  4. Waterworld
  5. Lights, Camera, Actions! Hosted by Steven Spielberg
  6. Canopy Flyer
  7. Shrek 3-D adventure
  8. Puss in Boots Giant Journey

There was Hollywood Walk of Fame that you can take pictures with the Hollywood personas. I had my pictures taken with Betty Boops.


Hello cylons


Pinocchio footprints

Too bad I went there on Friday, instead of the weekend, so there were no Hollywood Dreams Parade and Lake Hollywood Spectacular Show, which is the fireworks show, but I still enjoyed my day.
And here some tips for you when visit USS:

  1. Buy the ticket online. Not only because the ticket price was cheaper but you can save your time. And usually some apps give discount for a limited period. I bought the ticket from Traveloka and got additional discount of IDR150.000.  But you have to confirm your date of visit because it is non-refundable.
  2. Visit the website at and choose Universal Studio Singapore page. Learn about all the zones and pick your favourite attractions and make priority.
  3. Dressed nicely and wear comfortable shoes. It’s a big area so prepare your feet with your best walking shoes. Also, you will take lots of amazing pictures so make sure you are in your most presentable attire, haha..  It is okay if you want to wear a skirt, it will not restrict you from enjoying the attractions. You can bring extra outfit since it is hot over there or maybe if you want to sit in the blue area at the Waterworld show.
  4. Bring hat and/or umbrella.
  5. Be there earlier so you are on the first on the line, sometime they give some souvenirs.
  6. Take USS map and performance schedule. Take more than one per group, because you may leave it somewhere or it may be torn apart since you hold it all the time, and open and close it many times.
  7. You can bring your own meal and water bottles. They provide free water to drink so you can refill anytime. And I know some people have to save money for a long time to visit Singapore and enjoy this theme park, so you can bring your own food to save money.
  8. Please check the waiting time for each attraction that you entered. Some attractions require you to keep your belongings on the locker, and there are limited time to use the locker for free so if you wait longer you have to pay to get your belongings out.
  9. Visit for the souvenir shops after riding the attractions.
  10. They always have photo sessions with the casts after a performance. Please hurry to queue on the line when the show is over.
​It wouldn’t be perfect if I couldn’t see fireworks on my birthday, so as a replacement I went to Marina Bay Sands to enjoy the Spectra, a light and water show. It was amazing, like all of people there were celebrating my birthday.  You can watch the shows for free at 8pm and 9pm daily, with an additional show at 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
And I ended my day by having late dinner at the Chongqing Grilled Fish restaurant. What a perfect day. Happy belated birthday to me…

Any comments please welcome. You can also reach me at or my instagram @lynnhalianto.

Thanks you.



Spicy grilled fish


Spinach with salted egg yolk sauce


Birthday wish before dinner


The Spectra