Bali Lombok for Short Escape

A short vacation is needed by those who every day doing routine work. Of course, Bali and Lombok could be one of the attractive tourist destination.

Why Bali and Lombok?

Because of Bali and Lombok have a very amazing natural attractions. Very beautiful coral and brightly colour fish in Lombok, and the expanse of blue sea which can clear Our mind for a moment, and make Us just focus on the scenery.

Bali has a culinary tour that can satisfy everyone’s tongue and of course filling the stomach. Pork, seafood, gelato, all delicious. In Bali there are also several romantic beachside cafe.

In this short vacation I was traveling with 6 friends. We stayed one night at Gili Trawangan, one night at Lombok city, and one night at Kuta Bali.

Arriving at the port of Gili Trawangan, we need to bike to reach Our hotel. It was so far, around 3 Km. It was tiring, but after saw the pool in front of hotel lobby, I felt excited. Our hotel is wonderful, the swimming pool facing the beach and if we were lucky we could enjoyed sunset. Unfortunately we were not.

We did snorkeling to 2 islands: Gili air and Gili menuk. Feeling happy and suddenly have big smile when saw the blue coral and colorful fish. You could feeding the fish in Gili air island but be carefull there so many garbage, arghh I hate it. It’s tiring to snorkel about 2 hours, so at the end if I saw big fish I just imagined grill fish, I was so hungry.

At night We enjoyed dinner at Tir na nog cafe with our high expectation, but too bad the food was very bad at all. And to finish our day We enjoy “Mushroom”, they said it made from mushroom which are lived in buffalo feces. People said you will feel very happy or very sad depends on what you feel at that time after drink it. Or even you can have fantasy. Example you want see unicorn then you will see unicorn.

After enjoyed Gili trawangan, We heading back to Lombok city for 2nd day, enjoyed Senggigi beach from Sheraton Hotel, of course sunset view , again if We were lucky, but yeah i could say We had a lil bit lucky. The pool was awesome, I really love this Hotel. The view, room, and their service, but not the price haha.. Oh talk about Lombok, do yo know what city is this exactly? we knew it as NTB, not Nusa Tenggara Barat, but Nasib Tergantung Bali. Well in the past, Lombok has no much visitors, not like Bali, They just hang Their fortune on Bali. But no longer for now, they already developed Their Own tourism. They had to do that because Lombok was very beautiful, especially Gili islands. We had pork satay for lunch, and seafood plus ayam taliwang for dinner. I also had Jack Daniels plus vanilla ice cream fo dessert and had a nice dream.

3rd day, it was time to moved to Bali, depart from Teluk Nare, we ride speedboat.
It supposed we sailed for 2-2,5 hours but it becomed 4 hours!! already drunk, hungry, feels like being stranded on the high seas.

Fortunately after that We ate Babi Guling Bu Candra in Denpasar, Arghhh so delicious.

Next destination was Ayana, took some pictures in Rimba and then enjoyed late sunset in Rockbar. Well it was nice place but We need to wait about 1,5 hours to enjoyed that moment. In rockbar, They didnt offer main course, so We just could order chicken popcorn, calamari, and potato wedges and of course fresh juices because it was hot. From there We went to Beach walk, spent Our saturday night in Sardinia cafe with my Moscato d’asti, my favorite white wine. So if you go abroad, please buy me Moscato d’asti at the Airport, Thank you.

And for last day in Bali, We were just did cullinary feast, start from Sate bawah pohon, Sandwich with pork belly inside, gelato ice cream in gelato factory, and finish at Be Kasih restaurant. Everything was good. Too sad, at the end, we still need to go back to the Airport to fly back to Jakarta, back to daily routines, work, collect money and have another vacation. see you at next trip.

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